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Ben + Jennifer = Violet Anne, Seraphina Rose & Samuel Affleck ♥
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inStyle 2014 💋

Jen and Sam go out! This little handsome ❤️

My fave couple ❤️

My fave couple ❤️

J & S’s ❤️

J & S’s ❤️

Girls just wanna have fun 👅👯👭


Even the Affleck children can appreciate the joy of pointing and laughing at your lame parents.

The best ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! ❤️ the laugh of the kids re the best!!!!

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Happy Birthday @benaffleck 🎉 wishing all the good things to u! Love u ❤️ #benafflek #happybday

Out with momma! The kids love it ❤️

Siblings ❤️

Day out with the momma!